Problem Question: Ivana places a sign in the window of her red Ford Transit van which van which reads, in part, ‘for sale – £10,000 – low milleage – great shape – 1999 model – full service history available’. In response to this notice, James speaks to Ivana about the van. He tells her that he needs a van to deliver flowers to his customers and asks her if this van would be suitable. Ivana, who has been using the van to transport kitchen appliances, states that ‘it would be perfect’. After examining the van and its service history, James agrees to buy it and pays £10,000 for it. He spends £1,000 and fits the inside of the van out with a sophisticated shelving system with water tanks to keep his flowers fresh on their way to his customers. Three months after he purchases the van, he sees a picture of it displayed in a local newspaper in connection with the story of a serial murderer. It transpires that a previous owner of the van had used it to hide the bodies of his victims and that the van is a 2001 model. Once the background to James’ van is made public, he finds that no one wishes to receive flowers delivered in this vehicle. While Ivana knew of the van’s previous history and use, she had said nothing of this to James. Advise James.