Problem Question: Jock has bought a new motorcycle, a 1,450cc Harley Davidson, having traded in his 50cc scooter, and decides to go and show his friend, Julia. She is very impressed with the large and shiny bike and asks for a ride, but unfortunately, neither she nor Jock have a crash helmet for her; she is insistent, and Jock finally gives in and, against his better judgement, agrees to let her ride pillion. Once on the road, however, he starts to speed up and is oblivious to her asking him to slow down as the wind makes it difficult to hear her. They reach a stretch of road where there are a lot of trees and bends, but Jock does not slow down as they come round a blind bend at Cotterell Farm, where the farmer, Mr Cotterell, is crossing the road with his small grandson, Nick. Jock hits the brakes, swerves, and misses them, but crashes through the drystone wall. Julia is thrown from the bike and suffers severe head injuries and bruising to the body, Jock is only bruised. Mr Cotterell and Nick were unhurt, however Mrs Cotterell rushes out of the farmhouse, sees the bike and runs towards it, thinking her grandson and husband have been injured. As she crosses the road without stopping to look, a car, being driven at nearly 70 mph by Penny, swerves but cannot avoid her and she is killed instantly. Penny’s car runs into a wall, is badly damaged and she suffers a broken arm. Advise the different parties as to their tortious liabilities.