Problem Question: On Monday, Angela telephoned Barney in response to an advertisement in the Weekly Chronicle, a local newspaper. Barney’s telephone was answered by Clara, his absent minded wife. Angela introduced herself and stated “I agree to buy the advertised car at the advertised price. I will send a fax confirming this.” Clara replied, “Great- I will let Barney know when he gets in.” When Barney returned home, Clara could no longer remember the details of her earlier conversation and told Barney, “Some woman rang about the car and she is willing to buy it.” On Thursday, Barney found the fax and replied immediately by email stating, “I agree that the car is yours at the agreed price.” Unfortunately, Angela received only part of this message due to a defect in her email programme. On Wednesday of that week, the value of the car had dropped by half because of the introduction of a new model. Angela refused to take the car. Advise Barney.