Problem scenario: David is a bus driver, who is employed by Collins Coaches Ltd (CCL). He regularly drivers a group of very elderly people to an afternoon tea party. On one of these regular trips, the brakes on the bus failed for no apparent reason which caused the bus to crash. The bus was an old vehicle that had not had a maintenance service since 2011. Emma, who was passing round sweets to the rest of the passengers, had undone her seat belt at the time of the crash. Emma, aged 82, was badly hurt in the crash and wished to claim compensation for her injuries. CCL are refusing to give any information about the brakes. Laura, Emma’s daughter was not entitled to be on the trip and had not been allocated a seat. Despite this she secretly decided to go on the trip and sneaked onto the coach. She sat on the floor of the coach and she was aware that this was against the law. Laura broke her arm in the crash and missed her skiing holiday which had cost her £1,000, as a direct result. Ignoring insurance matters and any contractual issues, advise Emma and Laura regarding their possible negligence claims. Use cases to illustrate your answer.