Roland wishes to buy the latest laptop in the market for his upcoming major office project. His friend recommends Loyat Enterprise as the place to go to get the latest in computers at very competitive price. At Loyat, Roland meets Eric, an expert salesman. Roland explains to Eric his requirements and Eric shows him a laptop and states, ‘ This is built for you”. Roland further ask Eric if the laptop is stable where it needs to remain turned on for at least 16 hours, to which Eric affirms. Roland further examines the laptop’s basic functions and was quite happy with it. Roland buys the computer for £3700. Roland spent a week preparing the slides for some key presentations for the project and had stored some important data. In the middle of the preparation, Roland had noticed that the laptop did not seem absolutely stable and immediately call Eric. Eric asked Roland to bring the laptop over to the shop to be checked. Roland was unable to do so as the presentation was just two days away and had a lot more work to do on the laptop. On the day of the presentation, much to Roland’s anger the display function on the laptop was not in working condition. However Roland went ahead with the presentation form his laptop. After about 10 hours, the laptop crashed and everything in it was lost. Roland was taken off the project and he subsequently resigned from his job. Advise Roland To what extent, would your answer will be different if Roland had merely paid £2000 for the laptop due to the promotion? Contract Law ‘Misrepresentation’ (LLB first year)