Romeo and Juliet law are the rules that are a concern with the laws that relate to statutory rape.   It deals with young adults who have different year bracket and who had sexual relationships. The clause normally addresses the situations that the two main people have the same age bracket and the other person has not attained the legal age and they both engage in a consensual sexual relationship.  Romeo and Juliet cut the charges against statutory rape. Romeo and Juliet were known to raise an issue of consensual sex which is found between the teens and the young adults.  The young adults are usually accused of statutory rape in a relationship or even can be charged with engaging in sexual relationships with an underage person.  The age that is acceptable according to Romeo and Juliet law varies with the State but it is not more than five years. Each State has its own criminal charges.  Age consent is defined as age which one has the ability to the legal consent of sexual intercourse.   It is stated to be illegal if found having sexual relations with a person under 12-18 years. The main aim of Romeo and Juliet law is to prevent the sexual act that occurs with few year difference from being termed as a criminal offense.  Romeo and Juliet law does not protect the older people who are accused of abusing the relationship. In addition, Romeo and Juliet law does not apply to people accused of the sexual act as a result of violence or threat. Romeo and Juliet law guarantees that the suspect cannot be registered as a sex offender.  The clause also reduces the time which the convicted is to stay as a sex offender in the registry. Misdemeanor, the defendant, felony, victim, trial and criminal charge are the terms that are commonly used in the Romeo and Juliet law.

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