SECTION B – BUSINESS TENANCIES Question: Cedric runs a tobacconist/news agency business in Northern Ireland from premises that he has leased from Heurelho since 2012. The premises are located adjacent to the gates of a school and because trade is poor during school holidays, Cedric closes his business at such times and goes on extended foreign trips. Heurelho suspects that Cedric’s principal income derives from the sale of cigarettes to children, however, it has been so far impossible to prove this and Cedric has not prima facie broken any covenant in his lease. Cedric’s lease will soon expire and Heurelho does not want to renew it but instead wants to either run a similar business on the premises himself, or alternatively, demolish the premises and redevelop the land. Considering relevant cases, advise Heurelho of the requirements of the Business Tenancies (NI) Order 1996 and how they would impact on his plans. Explain how your answer would differ (if at all) if Cedric was actually convicted of the illegal sale of tobacco on the premises.