Shirley is married to Arnold. One day, Arnold slaps Shirley around the head causing deafness and bruising. A few days later he pushes her against a hot oven causing a burn to her forearm and a cut to her hand. The same night he cuts off a substantial portion of her hair following an argument. The following week Arnold says that unless Shirley can get him £1000, the sum of money he owes to Cliff, he will break both her legs. The violence has worn down Shirley’s resistance. She becomes depressed, anxious and fearful. Hardly aware of what she is doing, and experiencing intermittent spells of dizziness for which she takes medication, Shirley goes to a designer shop and grabs several expensive leather handbags from an assistant which she sells to passers-by outside a market in another part of town. She receives only £600 and knows that Arnold will be extremely angry that she has not found the full £1000. She therefore decides to borrow some money from the cash till in the shop where she works. Unfortunately, she can only find £100 which she plans to return after the next payday. She is, in fact, owed £200 in unpaid wages. At home she explains her actions to Arnold whereupon he picks up a hot iron. In the belief that this is a threatening gesture, Shirley picks up a knife and slashes Arnold’s forearm many times. He shouts that he was merely going to iron a dress for her to wear that evening. What are the potential criminal liabilities of Shirley and Arnold?