Stanford law school is also called Stanford law. It is a professional graduate school of the Stanford University that is found in Silicon Valley in California. Stanford law school was started in 1893. Stanford law school is one of the best law school in the country among the Yale law school and the Harvard law school.  Stanford law school is known as a prestigious school in the world.  Stanford law school has more than 91 full and part-time faculty members. The school enrolls about 550 students who work towards the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. The school has advanced legal degrees like Masters of the Studies in Law, Masters of Laws, Masters of Science of Law and Doctor of Science of Law.  Stanford law school enrolls about 180 students for Jurisprudence Degree class.  The school has full- time legal clinics like active Supreme Court litigation that offers formal degree programs. Some of the prominent people who studied in Stanford are Chief Justice Sian Elias, late Chief Justice Barbara Durham, Rhoda Lewis and Justice Sandra O’Connor to name but a few. Standard law school exercise student-to-faculty ratio. The academic program of Stanford law school is always flexible. After the graduation, third of students work as clerks for the judges while the rest join law firms. The approximate total cost for Stanford law school tuition is around $88,169 per annum.

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