UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law) Contract Law – Assignment Instructions to Candidates Your answer must be typed. Length of assignment: Between 2000 to 3000 words. Case study. You have just started work as a management trainee for a small media entertainment company called Gogo, owned by Dom and Zena Trevor, which manages a number of musical and entertainment acts. They know that you have obtained a law degree and they ask your advice about the following issues: Dom and Zena decided to buy a new photocopier machine so Zena wrote to XYZ Computers requesting for a quotation. On 1st October, Zena saw an advertisement in a trade journal, by Best Limited which stated, ‘Amazing new photocopying system, twice the speed at half the price – £10000.’ Zena decided that this is exactly what they wanted and phoned up Best Limited immediately, only to find out that because of a high level of demand, the price had gone up to £12000. She told them that unless they gave her the system at the advertised price she would take legal action against them. On 3rd October, she received XYZ’s quotation for £11000. She completed the order form that she received and sent it off by registered post. On 4th October she received a letter from Best Limited which stated, ‘We are sorry for any misunderstandings and have pleasure in confirming your order for £10000. As a gesture of goodwill we will include 5 years free servicing. Zena decided that this was a much better deal and wrote immediately to XYZ Computers withdrawing her previous order. Advice the parties of the legal effects of each step taken, state what contracts, if any, have been made and what she would be best advised to do. Would your answer differ if instead of posting the order form Zena a. E-mailed the order to XYZ Computers. b. If she faxed a copy of the order form at 10.00 am on 3rd October.