UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL School of Law Subject: Intellectual Property Law CASE STUDY Peter an art teacher, shared his finding of acetone and sugar solution as paint removal with his friend Doug a salesman at Mucky Jobs Ltd. Doug urges peter to find a suitable solution for graffiti remover. Peter found the solution and got his product patent. Mucky Jobs Ltd started using acetone and sugar as graffiti remover after Doug suggestion (peter actual idea). Doug consulted his company lawyer after knowing peter patent his product, company lawyer drew Dougs attention to the article in Good Housekeeping from May 1956 and list of ingredients used in paint thinner, this convinced Doug that peter patent is not valid. Mucky Jobs has been importing and selling hard surface cleaner since September 2011. Peter after seeing the Mucky jobs Ltd product composition wants to sue them for patent infringement. Degree – LL.M Commercial