Buying and selling are not easy as it sounds. This is because it is governed by laws known as the business law. Business law is regulated by State and Federal law. Business law can also be called the mercantile law.  Business law is a type of law that regulates the dealings between the people and the commercial matters.  Business law covers two broad areas namely the regulation of the commercial entities this is through the laws of the company, partnership, bankruptcy agency and regulation of all commercial transactions through the contract law.  Business law is put in place to prevent the problems which may arise during the business period. Initially, business law starts when the business is set up. Each business has its own legal entity.  Business is started by first filling all the paperwork and making sure that the business formally exists in government’s eyes.  The business law varies from one State to another. The process of filing paperwork also varies from one State to another. There are business lawyers who give business pieces of advice to their clients. The lawyers offer education to clients to help the business of their interest and they also help in filing the paperwork in a formal way.  After setting up a business, employees are greatly needed, therefore the business lawyer will offer advice the client on the law applied when hiring or firing an employee. The employers must learn how to handle customers and employees matters. Employers need to have good knowledge on what to offer their employees in terms of pay or the benefits. Business and immigration law normally intersect. This is because at some point the business may need employees from other countries. Security, negotiable instrument, acquisition, secured transactions and merger are some of the terms used when dealing with the business law.

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