Common law marriage in the United States was in existence since 1877. About five States in the United States, adhere to the common law marriage. Columbia, Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Texas are some of the States in the United States that adhere to the common law marriage. Texas recognizes the common law marriage but they call it informal marriage.  Georgia, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Idaho state that has a limited recognition of the common law marriage. The common law marriage is the law that the couple lives together and then holds themselves out to the family, friends, and community as a married couple, but they have not gone through a formal marriage ceremony or they do not have a marriage license.  For a common law marriage to be valid, the couple must live together, one must be of sound mind, one must have attained an age of 18 years and one must not be married to somebody else apart from the intended partner.  Common law marriage is valid and it is binding like the formal wedding. Common law marriage lasts until when the court grants a divorce or when one party dies.  In case one of the party dies, one is supposed to prove the marriage to be able to inherit or receive the insurance, pension or the social security survivor’s benefit. The written agreement is the strongest evidence that both parties lived together as married couple. 

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