Consumer law is a type of law that is a concern with rules and regulations that relates to buyers in a certain marketplace. The consumer law prevents the seller from misusing the buyer. The consumer is defined as somebody who purchases goods or services for his own consumption. The goods obtained by the consumer can be sold by the wholesaler, retailer or manufacturer. The Federal and State laws play a key role in consumer law regulations. The federal and state laws prohibit the false advertisements and focus on imposing the product safety measures.  The regulate debt collection practices and protects the identification of consumer information.  The consumers most need legal help most when they become a victim of the online scam, loss of money in the pyramid schemes, purchasing a car when they are not aware of the default or when there are unauthorized credit card charges.  Consumer goods, warranty, consumer protection law, equal credit opportunity act are some of the terms that are commonly used in consumer law. Sometimes the merchants and sellers find it difficult to adhere to consumer law.  Some of the consumer law focuses on the civil remedies but it also allows the criminal sanctions.  Most consumers file lawsuits against business owners. The hiring of the attorney helps the consumers decide the best method of seeking the enforcement of the consumer protection law.

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