John Marshall law school is found in Chicago. It was established in 1899 and in 1951 it was accredited by American Bar Association. The John Marshall Law School was named after the Chief Justice John Marshall and he served at the U.S Supreme Court. John Marshall law school offers both part-time and full-time courses to students where day and night classes are available. The school has January enrollment which is rare to many law schools. According to the statistics, 2015 graduates about 51% obtained a full-time, long-term and jurisprudence degree required nine months after graduation.  In 2015, 73% passed the Bar examination. The total cost of attendance at John Marshall law school is $72,594 which included tuition and living expenses. One needs to have practical legal experience when studying at John Marshall Law School. However, the school offers practical experience through conducting clinics internships.  John Marshall law school established global legal skill conference in 2005. The school library occupies four floors. John Marshall law school has five honors program where the Moot Court program is one of the programs covered.  The school has more than 50 students’ organizations which engage in social awareness, legal discussions and community services.

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