Personal injury can also be called tort law. The main duty of the personal injury system is to give the victim a chance to be financially compensated after suffering from harm. Personal injury law is the legal defenses and the remedies that involve in the civil lawsuits which are as a result of the wrongful conduct. The personal injury laws cover the situations that concern the person body, emotion and are caused due to negligence or the negligence. The personal injury can be grouped as the accidents, intentional acts, the defective products, and defamation. Defamation is the personal injury that applies when one causes a defamatory statement that may cause harm to another person. The defective products are situations which the defendant is found liable for the injuries caused without negligent or any intentional of doing wrong. Negligence occurs when a defendant fails to meet the legal duty of care.    The personal injury lawyer must have the required qualifications. The lawyer interviews the client on the injury incurred and tries to figure out what was the main cause of the injury. The personal injury fee can be charged depending on the hour spent.

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