Family law attorney is a lawyer who is employed by the family to foresee the legal activities in the family. The family law focuses on representing the family in divorce issues like division of matrimonial properties, child custody, support, and alimony.  In cases of divorce, family law attorney also handles matters like marriage annulment and the legal separation. Family law attorney draft both the prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and they also litigate the related matters. The family law attorney who deals with child custody bills either a flat fee or by an hour. Most of family law attorney that bill by flat fee receives a payment of $3,000- $6,000.   It takes about 7- 8 years to become a family law attorney. One has to attain a bachelor degree from a university that offers law and then enroll in a law school for about 3-4 years. You cannot practice as a law unless you clear the bar examination and get a valid license of a particular State.  Lawyers who have interest in becoming family law attorney are advised to major in psychology and sociology courses.