Above the laws is also called Nico. Above the law, the film was both sets and filmed in Chicago and was released in United State in 1988.    Above the laws is an action film that was framed in America. It was written, directed and produced by Andrew Davis.  Above the laws, action film is also produced and starred by Steven Seagal in the film debut.  Some of the co-stars found in above the law film are Sharon Stone, Henry Silva, and Pam Grier . Seagal was requested by aikido pupil who was Michael Ovitz agent to make a film. This is because people believed that Seagal could make anybody a movie star.  Above the law has received a various critical response like the rotten tomatoes claimed that the above the law film would get a score of 50%.  The audiences gave the film a score of grade B on a scale of A+ to F.  Washington Post concluded that above the law film has a short originality.

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