College of law is an institution that offers legal education.  College is involved in the process of one becoming a lawyer within a specific jurisdiction. To practice law, one has to graduate with a bachelor of laws, the Juris Doctor or the Diploma in law that is issued by Legal Profession Admission Board. In addition, one has to go for an internship of 12 months or extra practical course legal training.  Legal education normally last for about 4-5 years.  The oldest law faculty in Canada was founded in 1848 at the Mc Gil University. Some law schools offer Master of Laws programs. Some of the countries that have a college of law are Australia, Finland, Brazil, Canada, France, and Indonesia to name but a few. For one to practice in Australia, one is required to graduate with bachelors of law and diploma in a law which is issued by legal profession admission board then one must attend internship of 12 months.  There is a college of law that is found in Australia. It offers professional practice to the lawyers.  The main aim of the college of law is to enhance careers in the legal profession by delivering innovative legal education and training.  College of law is the forefront of all legal practice.  College of law is required to give relevance training in the legal field.  Some of the legal professionals who must pass through the college of law are barristers, solicitors, judges and in-house counsels. College of law constitutes of the honorary fellowships, the alumni associations, chapter boards and subcommittees. College law supports the practicing lawyers through the continued professional postgraduates programs.  These programs help lawyers to play their roles of interest well.

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