$ International Humanitarian Law can also be called the laws of the war or law of armed conflict.   International Humanitarian Law is a system of rules and regulations that are found in international law. This law regulates conduct of the war. International Humanitarian law comprises of a number of set rules founded by the treaty and they seek to protect persons that are affected by the armed conflict.  International humanitarian law is mostly applied in the situations of both the armed conflict and occupation.  International Humanitarian Law is well known to limits the consequences of the armed conflict. International humanitarian law limits the said consequences by protecting the people who did not participate in the hostilities and restricting warfare methods available to the combatants. IHL comprises of the Geneva convections, Hague conventions, customary international law and case law.  The international humanitarian law operates on the division between the applicable rules in the international armed conflict and the internal armed conflict.   International Humanitarian Law make up public international law.

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