Law definition is interpreted in various fashions. Law can be defined as a set of rules and regulations that are established and are enforced by the government or social institution to regulation specific behavior.  Every person in the community or society must adhere to the set laws. The laws in the State can be enforced by the collective legislature or the statutes.  The private individuals create legal binding contracts. The law formation is usually influenced by the constitution of a certain country. Law is mostly used in politics, the economics, and society and in many ways of serving the relationship between people.  Civil law jurisdiction are codified and consolidated by the legislature and central bodies. Common law system is where the precedent made by judge is accepted as a binding law.  There are religious laws that regulate behaviors among the believers. Sharia law is a type of law which is normally practiced in Islāmic region.  Sharia law is commonly applicable in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Criminal law is a type of law that deals with crimes committed in the society and the guilty party may be fined or imprisoned. The civil law deals with the resolution of the lawsuits which is between the people and organizations. Laws raises issues of the fairness, justice and the equality.

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