Law degrees are the academic degrees that are attained by people who study law.  Law degrees are general preparations for the legal careers.  Law degrees do not confer a license despite being reviewed by the legal authority.  The legal license is granted and exercised locally unlike law degrees which can be granted both locally and internationally. According to the history, the first academic degrees were law degrees. The degree and first academic title were the first to be applied in the 11th century until when other disciplines were also introduced to degrees and other titles in the 13th century.  There are different types of degrees that are conferred and they normally differ according to jurisdiction. Bachelor of law is an undergraduate law. Master of laws is the advanced academic degree that is pursued by people who are holding a professional degree in the relevant field.  Juris Doctor is a professional doctorate.  For applicants to qualify for a Juris Doctor, one must at least have a bachelor degree. Prospective masters students are not needed to take an undergraduate course or have earlier experience with the judicial system.  Juris Doctor is completed after three years of full-time study. Doctor of Juridical Science is the third degree.  Juris Doctor Graduates are required to pass the bar exam before practicing law.  Each State has its own bar exam. Doctor of Juridical Science can be completed within three years of full-time study.

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