There are many options you can choose when you have studied law as a course. Law degree is a gateway to one becoming a solicitor, company secretary, the licensed conveyancer, detective, a barrister or barrister’s clerk. When searching for law jobs, you are required to have working experience. The work experience helps one to prove the capability of working skills possessed.  For you to have a work experience which is related to the legal profession, you are advised first to do mini-pupillage. The mini-pupillage involves the work shadowing and it lasts for about one week in sets of the chambers.    Some students also do marshaling where they shadow a judge. Marshalling lasts between one to two weeks.  For more working experience, you can also join the university law society or any other organization that gives the insight into the legal practices. The skills that commonly applicable in law jobs are the research skills, analytical skills,  the reasoning skills, the ability to formulate the sound argument, communication skills and lateral thinking to name but a few. 

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