Law & Order is an American television series known as police procedural and legal drama that is created by Dick Wolf.  Law & Order was originally aired on NBC and other various cable networks.  Law &Order premiered in 1990 and completed its last season in 2010.  It was the longest ruling crime drama in America television.  Law & Order 20th record was a tie with the Gunsmoke. Law & Order has fewer series than the Gunsmoke but it ranks as longest running TV series for almost six months. Initially, Law & Order was half-hour TV program. Law &Order was set and filmed in New York City.  The series is followed by a two-part approach where the first hour is for the investigation of the crime and the second half is for the prosecution of the defendant.  The plot of Law & Order film is based on real cases. The Law &Order show revolves around years.  Law &Order has grown much making the series become a franchise. Law & Order has been nominated for various awards including Emmy awards. In May 2010 NBC  announced the Law & Order had been canceled and the last episode was to air in May 2010 but in 2015 there were rumors was to be aired back in NBC.  

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