Laws of attraction has been made simpler due to mass popularization of law. Initially, the laws of attraction were thought to have been taught by immortal Buddha.  The laws of attraction and its values have been in the history. Laws of attraction state that every negative and positive event happened in your life.  Laws of attraction can be defined as the belief that universe provides in your thoughts.  Law of attraction can be termed as the universal law.  Positive events have positive consequences while negative events have negative consequences.  There are steps which must be followed when using the law of attraction. The first step is relaxing the mind.  This can be done by meditating for around 10- 15 minutes. Make sure you are aware of what you want to do. If at all you are not clear with your purpose, the universe will obviously get an unclear answer to you which will lead to unwanted results.  To make all matters run smoothly, make a clear ask to the universe and wait for an answer.  Write down your wish using present tense and avoid using negation terms.  Close your eyes and try to imagine your wish as if they are happening now. The important step in using the power of the law of attraction is feeling. This is because the law of attraction start working when you start to feel it. Feel the way you will feel after receiving the wish.  In this act of feeling, you are required to act and speak as if you are true receiving it.  After you have felt all the wishes, show some gratitude. Be thankful for the universe for whatever it has given you. Lastly, trust the universe that it has given you the best.

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