Contracts are very detailed these days, unlike the olden days.  Agreement in a contract is an arrangement between two or people which is enforceable by the law. When making an agreement in a contract both parties have to come together and have a common understanding of the contract to be made and must have trust in each other. That is, each party must have a knowledge of what the agreement in a contract entails. It is necessary for both parties to agree on the terms of a contract. Every contract must have an offer, an acceptance, the mutual consent, the consideration, a competence and legal purpose. The aim of the agreement in a contract must fall within the set guidelines of the lawful conduct. The contract made should be something which is illegal like drugs or prostitution. The validity of the agreement in a contract is validated in bases of the mutual acceptance by both parties. The agreement in a contract must be clear and precise. The agreement in a contract can be orally made or written, although some circumstances need a written contract like in cases involving land, marriage contract. The written contract is more preferred that the oral contract, this because if of future reference, it is easier to confirm something in a written contract.  In every contract, there must be a consideration which means the benefit which results from the contract. Consideration can be in form of money, goods, and services.  Therefore make sure that the consideration gives value to a contract. Agreement in a contract is legally binding and is enforceable in the court of law provided it has all the elements a contract is supposed to have. If the agreement in a contracts lacks the essential elements is becomes unenforceable or invalidated.

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