Transport simply means movement of products from one source to another. Transport law is a body of law that deals with all forms of transportation. The law regulates the aspects of road and the transportation hubs. The law is derived from the state, federal and local sources. Each state is authorized to pass a law and create administrative agencies which govern transportation within the country boundaries.  Some of the laws found in transport law is an insurance cover on the vehicle. Law pertains not only the motor vehicles but also the rail, water vessels, and airplanes getting from one place to another.  Transport law pertains both the transit and the infrastructure that supports them such as roads, ports, trails, and bridges. Many federal statutes govern various forms of transport. The law creates administrative agencies which administer the federal statutes.  The U.S Department of Transportation establishes the transportation policies for United State. The US Department of transportation helps in deciding the policies of mass transit and safety of transportation facilities. There are specialized lawyers who deal with matters of transportation.  Lawyers protect the rights of people in transportation sector like demanding the compensation for when of any damage.

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