Yale law school is also known as the Yale Law. Yale law school is found at Yale University and is located in the New Haven in the United States.  Yale law school was founded in 1824 and it is known to offer LLM, J.D, PHD and degrees in law. The school is small but that does not hinder the admission process among many law schools in the United States.  The Yale law school has been ranked number in one among the law schools in the United States by the United State News and the World Report. Yale law school was described to be a preeminent school in the entire nation and it is one of the prestigious law school in the world.  The school has produced a couple of significant luminaries in both politics and law where a good example is President Gerald Ford, the Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. William Howard Taft was a constitutional law lecturer at Yale law school from 1913 to 1921.  Yale law school enrolls about 200 students in each law class every year.

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