The balance of family test usually requires that half of the children must live in Australia permanently.  Children must live in Australia permanently more than another country. The requirements of a balance of family test are not waived even after compelling with the expected circumstances.  To be counted as a permanent resident of Australia the children are supposed to be Australian citizens must be a permanent resident of Australia who lives in Australia and must be eligible New Zealand citizens who live in Australia.  Children who are in Australia with a temporary visa are not counted as living permanently in Australia but they are counted to be residents of the country they lived before they migrated to Australia. In case children have no right to return to the country they previously resided, they are then taken to the country of their citizenship. Children, where their whereabouts are not known or are hard to verify, are considered to be resident of the country they last resided.  The balance of family test includes you, your partner’s children, adopted children and stepchildren.  However, the deceased, the children who have been removed from their parents’ legal custody through adoption or court order, or children registered with United Nations High Commissioner or who live in a country where they are prone to suffering from persecution or the human right abuse are not counted in a balance of family test.  A stepchild can either be the current partner’s child, can be under 18 years and must be a child of your former partner of a child of a former partner of the present partner.  Stepchildren who are born from a polygamous or the concurrent relationships are not recognized in Australia and these banns them from being counted in the balance of family test.  Those who do not qualify for the balance of family test may apply for other visas like aged dependent relative visa or the temporary retirement visa.

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