Bridging E (class WE) visa is a temporary type of visa that allows the applicant to stay in Australia while finalizing the immigration process or when making arrangements on how to leave Australia. You must need a bridging E visa to stay in Australia if the substantive visa has expired and you have not completed the immigration process.  BVE allows one to stay for a limited time.  BVE ends immediately one leaves Australia and when you leave Australia you will not be able to return unless if you have  substantive visa. There are no costs charged when applying for BVE.  Bridging  E ( class WE) visa is granted if you are not a lawful non-citizen, if you are in arrangements of departing from Australia,   if you are in a process of applying for substantive visa, if you are seeking the ministerial invention or if you seeking the merits or the judicial review. Bridging E (Class WE) visa is divided into subclasses namely the subclass 050(general) and subclass 051 which is protection visa applicant.  Subclass 051 visa is applied when an applicant has been refused the immigration clearance and applicant must have applied for the protection visa and must satisfy the various relevant criteria. For the applicant to be eligible for subclass 050, the applicant must be illegible to subclass 051. In addition, an applicant must satisfy the relevant criteria which are set in the Migration Regulations of 1994.  To decide whether the applicant is eligible for bridging E (class WE) visa depends on a number of factors including the most recent type of visa applied.  If the applicant holds a bridging visa E that was before canceled in grounds of the breach of conditions of 8564 or of 8566, he is in a place to excluded from obtaining the visa.  When you are applying for BVE you are supposed to be in Australia when the application is lodged and when the visa is decided. You are allowed to include family members in the same application form and each member must meet all the eligibility requirements.

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