Visa is subject to the number of visa conditions that must be complied with.  Breaching of a visa may result in cancellation of the visa.  Students may opt for the cancellation of student visa due to various reasons.  For instance, if you are looking for a return home before the end of the course, then you have to apply for voluntarily visa cancellation.  For those who are planning for the cancellation of student visa, they are required to complete a form 1194.  Students are advised to cancel student visa after they have left Australia.  The Australian Immigration Department takes around 2 to 4 weeks in cancellation process.  If you are planning to stay in Australia it is advisable to apply for another visa instead of cancellation. This is because once you are granted another visa, students visa will end immediately.  In case you cancel your student visa without applying for a new one, you become unlawful in Australia and this can lead to creating problems when applying for another new visa in future. If the visa will be canceled then the Department of Home Affairs will send you an official notice of the cancellation. Once you receive the letter, it is advisable to read it keenly and if your questions about the letter contact the Department of Home Affairs directly.  In case you are notified by the university about the cancellation, then you have 28 days from the date of cancellation either to leave Australia or apply for a different subclass visa.  The penalties for remaining unlawful in Australia may include detention, deportation and the imposition ban of entering to Australia for three years. Student’s visa can be canceled if the visa fails to abide by the set visa conditions.  Students must abide by the visa conditions placed.

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