In the grounds for cancellation of a visa, there are two stages of making a decision that must be passed for you to be allowed to cancel the visa. The minister must make sure that the person passes the character test which is referred to as threshold test.  The threshold test is set in subsection 501(6) under section 501.  The migration Act states someone does not pass character test if he/ she has a substantial criminal record, it has been convicted with the immigration detention offenses and if has been seeing associating with the person known to have either past or present criminal conduct. Visa can be canceled as a result of inconsequential mistakes in the paperwork. The visa can be canceled in the visa holder engages in acts that are not within the visa conditions.  One must comply with the terms set out in the visa.  Visa sometimes can be canceled if there is an evidence that the visa holder uses visa for other plans apart from what was on the visa application form. Overstaying in a place may result in visa cancellation, it is advisable to live a place within the recommended time to avoid cancellation. Visa may be revoked if the minister realizes that the applicant’s old visa was canceled. If your visa has been canceled, you are supposed to leave the country immediately or if you had not traveled, you are supposed to delay the trip. Visa cancellation is an administrative matter and one is entitled to apply for a new passport if all he falls the victim.

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