Special purpose visa is a temporary visa that is granted to the people who have prescribed status who are recognized by the Minister for Home Affairs to hold the special purpose visa.  The special purpose visa holders can enter and stay in Australia. Special purpose visa cannot be applied.  Special purpose visa is issued when one enters Australia,  if one is a  member of the royal family or personal staff of the family or the media representative of the family or  the person in a accompany of  them as a member of the official party, if one is  an  Australian government official guest or the spouse or dependent child or the de facto partner, member of the armed forces of Asia- Pacific countries who is either travelling to Australia or who is already in Australia as part of  his/her duty or when accompanying a spouse, dependent relative or de facto partner, a member of the military or the civilian part of armed forces of the country that have  the status of the forces agreement with the Australia, or if accompanying  a spouse, dependent relative or the de facto partner, a member of armed forces of the commonwealth countries, airline crew member, a member of airline positioning crew and a person who takes part in the complement of the ship of regular armed forces of the foreign government who is  on board.  Special purpose visa holders are free to do their normal work while they are in Australia.  Special purpose visa ceases when it is canceled or when the visa holders cease to have prescribed status.  There are no charges in the special purpose visa though you might be entitled to pay costs of health assessments, the police certificates and any other test or documents that may be required.

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