Subclass 785 is a type of visa known as temporary protection visa.   Temporary protection visa is applied by people who did not arrive Australia in a lawful way but they are recognized by Australia as genuine refugees.   The way subclass 785 visa is processed depends on the date and mode of arrival in Australia.  Temporary protection visa is valid up to three years after the application.  The applicants are assessed and they should meet all the criteria for them to be granted the temporary protection visa including must be found to engage Australia’s protection obligations.   After the expiry of subclass 785, the applicant can apply for another one.  The claims for protection will be assessed again to decide whether the applicant faces the real chance of the persecution or even a real risk of the significant harm in their country of origin.  After applying and qualifying for the subclass 785, the applicant can benefit from permission to work in Australia, accessibility to the Medicare and other related benefits, accessibility to the early health assessment and intervention services, accessibility to education for the children who have attained school age and travel rights. The subclass 785 are advised on when to use public hospitals or other Medicare-funded facilities.  However, the temporary protection visa does not allow the accessibility to permanent protection visa, the family sponsorship i.e the holders of subclass 785 visa are not able to bring the family members to Australia through the Family Migration Programs or Australian Humanitarian. The subclass 785 cannot travel to a country from which the protection is being sought or they cannot access the settlement services.  In case the subclass 875 wants to travel, one is entitled to apply for the approval and show the compassionate circumstances that prove the travel.

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