Vocational English is designed for the students in the vocational education and students in company employees in training at work.  Vocational English syllabus has strong grammar together with specialist vocabularies and skills necessary for a learner to succeed in a specific field.  Vocational English is taught and students learn specialist terms alongside other English skills like reading, communication and listening.  Vocational English has a clear and organized content. Each title of the vocational English has CD-ROM with the interactive glossaries and complete course book in MP3 format. In addition, vocational English has well-defined language that is backed up by the comprehensive on page language box.   Vocational English series is made up of English for IT, English for nursing, English for the oil industry, English for construction and English for banking and finance. For you to prove that you have a vocational English, then you must be a holder of valid passport that is issued by United Kingdom, USA, Canada, the New Zealand or you are the citizen of these countries. In addition, you must have achieved the score of B in all the four test components of the Occupational English Test that is undertaken for 3 years after you have lodged the visa. You must also meet a score of 5 in the test of the International English Language Testing System which is done for three years after lodging the passport.  For you to prove that you have vocational English you must also have scored the least score in the four components that are listening, reading, writing and speaking the test that is done immediately after you have lodged the visa application. Lastly, you must have a test score of 154 in the four test components that are listening, writing, speaking and reading, found in Cambridge English Advanced Test.  This is taken on or after January 2015 after lodging the visa application.

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