The basic need for students who wish to apply subclass 485 visa that is a temporary graduate visa must meet the 2-year study need.  Subclass 485 visa allows students stay in Australia after the completion of the studies and to improve the permanent residence eligibility. Application of subclass 485 visa is lodged six months after the date of completion.  To meet the 2 year study need, you must have either a degree, diploma or trade qualification of the Australia education system, the completed course must be in approved courses of the international students, the visa must be in compliance with the visa conditions, the course undertaken must not be less completed in less than 16 months and the English language must be used in all subjects.  The temporary visa applicant must satisfy the Australian study need after within 6 months after making an application.  The 2 academic year study can be defined as the 92 weeks of study of the CRICOS registered course. Credited units are not counted in the requirements of the Australian study.  The English proficiency cannot be used in meeting the Australia study need.  CRICOS is the body that defines the standard several weeks of each course undertaken. In case you are given an exemption for the credit given in learning, the exempted course will not be counted. The first day of the completion of the course is the day that the institution notifies the student that they have met the requirements for the award of either diploma, degree or trade qualifications. The notification can be done through letters, publication on newspapers or internet, email and bulletin board. The study must not be full time. Some students take more weeks in a study but the CRICOS will only credit the standard number of a week only.

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