Bridging C (class WC) visa is a temporary type of visa.  It can be granted to an applicant who lodges the application of the Australia substantive visa and who do not hold any substantive visa.  Bridging C( class WC) visa allows the applicant to stay lawfully in Australia until the decision is made of their substantive visa. Bridging C (class WC) visa allows you to stay in Australia the new substantive visa is been processed. You can automatically apply for bridging C (class WC) visa even if you have a substantive visa. Bridging C (class WC) visa is granted to the applicant who do not hold a valid substantive visa during the application time and applicant who is not in an immigration detention or an applicant who does not hold a bridging visa E.  The holders of bridging C( class WC) visa are not allowed  to travel and if they leave Australia, they will not be allowed to re-enter.  The applicant can apply bridging C( class WC) visa separately after applying for substantive visa if the bridging C visa were previously granted if the current bridging C (class WC) visa blocks them to work in Australia and if the applicant has to apply for the judicial review.  The applicants must comply with the conditions highlighted in the bridging C (class WC) visa immediately when it is effective.   If the applicant is not allowed to work in Australia by the bridging C (class WC) visa, then the applicant can apply for another Bridging C visa that will allow him/her work in Australia.  There are no fees charged when applying for bridging C (class WC) visa.  The applicant must be in Australia when bridging C (class WC) visa is being lodged.

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