Bridging R (class WR) visa is a rare type of visa in Australia. Bridging R (class WR) visa is known as removal pending visa.  The bridging visa helps the applicant to stay in Australia legally.  Bridging visas are not granted automatically and it depends on the circumstances that are included in the next visa. Some of the bridging visas may give directions like appearing before the department and specifies the time to leave from Australia. Failure to adhere to conditions listed in the bridging visa may lead to a negative income of the next visa applied or even limit the return to Australia in future. Application for bridging R (class WR) visa is found in subsection 46(2) of the Migration Regulation Act of 1994. Bridging R (class WR) visa allows the holder to be released from the immigration detention to the community for the holder to make some arrangements to leave Australia.  For this visa to be eligible the holder must be invited by a minister.   The holder knows that the invitation has been accepted if he/she receives a reply within 7 days after the application.  The cases of the detentions are usually reviewed on an ongoing basis and there is no formal application for the visa.  The department may decide to use this visa as a temporary visa or an alternative to the ongoing detention.  The mandatory conditions that are found in bridging R(class WR) visa are the holder must tell the department of his residential address within 5 working days, the holder must report at a time and place specified by the minister, the holder must tell the department of the changes in the addresses with 2 working days, the holder must not be involved in disruptive activities and the holder must make him/herself available for removal from Australia as according to the instructions given by the immigration department.

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