All types of visas can be canceled by the department of immigration under certain circumstances.  Section 134 of the Australia Migration Act sets out the grounds in which business visa can be canceled.  The power of visa cancellation applies to all visas with the words Business Skills. The applicants are advised to understand clearly the circumstances that may lead to the cancellation of business visas and the consequences that follow.  The cancellation of visa can either be revoked or avoided. In cancellation of the business visa process, one is expected to have the relevant form that you must fill it by yourself and the other form filled by the sponsor.  After completing filling in the form, visit the immigration department and give the form along with your passport.  The visa cancellation will be entered into the computer and this will let you leave the country without a problem. The exit permit is valid for seven days only. The Migration Act gives the minister the power to cancel or revoke a certain visa under various circumstances.  The visa holder will receive the notification about the intention to cancel the visa from the department of immigration.  However, sometimes visas are canceled without sending any notification to visa holders.  Fraudulent information and bogus documents given during the time of visa application may lead to cancellation of business visas.  If the applicant did not answer the questions in the application form correctly this may lead to the cancellation of business visa.  If the applicant failed to tell the department that a certain question in the application form was answered incorrectly, may lead to cancellation of visa.  If there is an indication of a false document like the counterfeit of the document may lead to the cancellation of the business visa. The cancellation of business visa is reviewable by Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

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