The applicant applying for the work right must prove to the immigration department that he/ she have compelling need to work.  Financial hardship and nomination are contents of the compelling need to work.  Financial hardship does not have a legal definition in the immigration department.   Immigration department defines compelling need to work as the cost of the reasonable living expenses that exceed the ability to pay for all of them.  You are required to include every evidence of your income, the savings in your application form.  The day to day expenses must also be included on the application form.  For you to qualify for the compelling need to work, your expenses must be reasonable and you must show how you have supported yourself until the time of application. The department will consider if the applicant will become the burden the public funds or not.  The department must consider if the visa application is to receive the decision. A non-citizen becomes compelling need to work if he/ she is nominated by the employer and if he/she appears to the minister basing on the information contained in the application form.

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