In case you are interested in applying for a skilled migration, then you are required to provide evidence of your English language.  Competent English is a need for someone who intends to apply for general skilled migration and for the employer-sponsored visas.  Before you apply for the visa you must do the set visa criteria. The applicants must prove that they have competent English for them to qualify for the specified type of visa instead of demonstrating the basic knowledge of the language. The applicant must undertake and pass the English language tests that are accepted by the Department of Immigration. The timing of requirements needed in the English language normally depends on the type of visa applied.  Sometimes it can time a lot of time to get the test and receive the results, therefore it is advisable to take English test ahead of time.  The test is conducted 3 years after the time visa has been lodged.  For you to demonstrate that you possess competent English skills, you must be a holder of a  passport that is valid that is issued by either New Zealand, Canada, USA or Republic of Ireland.  You must have achieved the at least a B in the components of Occupational English Test.  You must have scored 6 in reading, listening, writing and speaking and it is undertaken 3 years immediately after the visa has been lodged.

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