An eligible noncitizen is found in section 72 of the migration regulations of 1994 that deals with the persons who are eligible to be granted the bridging visa.   The sub-regulation 2 of the Eligible non-citizen Act, S72 applies to the non-citizens before September 1994 was in a custody under the Division 4B of part 2 of the Act, was released from the custody on the expiry of the period referred in the subsection 54Q of the Act, had not departed Australia after being released from the custody and has not been granted visa or the entry permit.  The sub-regulation 3 of section 72 applies to the non- citizen who has been or is in the immigration detentions the division 6 of part 2 of the Migration Act. The sub-regulation 4 applies to the non- citizen who is in the immigration detention under the division 6 of part of the Act, the spouse of the Australian citizen,  a permanent Australian resident and the person who is a member of a family unit of the non- citizen.  The sub-regulation 5 of the Migration Act of 1994 applies to non- citizen as is explained in division 6 of part 2 of the Migration Act,  non- citizen who has not turned 18 years and  non- citizen who  in respect of whom the child welfare authority of the State has certified the release from the detention. The sub-regulation 6 of section 72 of the Migration Act applies to the non- citizen who either bypassed the immigration clearance on or before September 1994 or who entered Australia without the proper authority before September 1994.  The sub-regulation 15 of this Act applies to non-citizen who is in Australia, a non- citizen who is a subject of the valid criminal justice and a non- citizen who minister is satisfied with the need to travel outside Australia.

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