Under the subsection 140H (1) of the Migration Act of 1994 of Australia Constitution, the applicant must make the undertakings for the approval of the business sponsor.  The applicant must make sure that the cost of the return travel by the sponsored person is fully met. The Act requires the applicant not to use a person who is in a breach of Australia immigration laws. The Acts also recommends that the applicant must comply with the responsibilities stated in the Australia immigration Act. The applicant is required by the Act to tell the responsible department of any changes that may be of effect to the business capacity or change of the information that has contributed to the approval of the applicant as  sponsor.  The Act also states that the applicant must cooperate with department that monitors the sponsored person and the applicant must tell the department within 5 days if the if the sponsored person stops to be in applicant’s employment. The applicant must comply with the laws that relate to the certain workplace.  The sponsor must hold the valid license and registration of the membership. The applicant must make any superannuation contribution required and deduct tax installment and to pay the Commonwealth amount as stated.

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