The statutory declaration by alleged victim is made by the spouse or the de facto partner of the alleged perpetrator. A partner can mean the spouse or same-sex partners. The victim must set the allegations out and the person who is alleged must have committed the family violence.  The family violence can be physical, financial or psychological abuse. Family violence is a crime which is not acceptable in Australia.  In case you have applied for a permanent residence, you are not supposed to live in abusive relationship.  The provision of family violence allows one to continue with the application to stay a permanent resident of Australia even if the relationship with the partner has ended. For you to be able to use this provision, you must apply in Australia to remain permanently as a partner and the temporary partner visa must be granted to you while outside Australia. If you have made a decision to leave Australia, you must tell the immigration department in writing.   You must also tell the department that the relationship with your partner has ended.   You must produce some evidence of the family violence. Some pieces of evidence are like the court order against the partner, the evidence that your partner has been convicted by the court and the court injunction as per the Family Act law of 1975.  The name of the person who the conduct was alleged to. The relationship between the one who make the statutory declaration and the person who the conduct was towards should be well identified. In the statutory declaration by the alleged victim, the name of the name of the other person must be named, the relationship should be identified and the allegation must be set out.

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