The subclass is known as skilled-onshore independent New Zealand citizen.  The applicant of subclass 861 visa must be under 45 years and must have nominated skilled occupation in the application. The applicant can prove that was employed in the skilled occupation if 60 points have been specified in the Gazette Notice.  The skills of the applicant must be assessed by the relevant authority before subclass 861 visa is granted.  The applicant must have the requirements set out in the subdivision B of the Act.  When applying for subclass 861 visa, the applicant must have vocational English and the applicant must satisfy the criteria of public interest.  If the applicant was in Australia when applying subclass 861, then the applicant must satisfy the special return criteria as stated in 5001, 5002 and 5010.  The approval of the subclass 861 visa does not result from the number of subclass 861 visas issued in the exceeding financial year. If the minister in charge of the visas requests for the assurance support to the person who satisfies the said criteria, then there is nothing to hinder minister been given the assurance support. The subclass 861 visa applicant must be in Australia when the visa is granted.  There are no conditions granted pertaining subclass 861 visa. The visa label is affixed to valid visas only.

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