Investor visa (subclass 891) is a permanent residence visa that allows the holders to travel in and out of Australia for 5 years. You are eligible for investor visa (subclass 891) if you are a primary holder of subclass 162 visa, if you lived in Australia for 2 years, if you meet the business requirements and if you meet health and character requirements. You must have lived in Australia for 2 years in four years before you apply investor visa (subclass 891). It is not a must that those two years to be continuous. For you to meet business requirements, you must prove that you have held 4 years continuously a designated investment in Australia, you have a commitment in continuing a business and you have never been involved in unacceptable investment or business activities. The health results are only valid for 12 months and you as an applicant you are advised not to arrange for any health examination before you are requested by the immigration department.  All these requirements apply to every person who will be included in the visa application form.  When making an application for investor visa (subclass 891) you must be ready to give a police certificate from the country you have lived for more than 12 months and you are not supposed to arrange for police certificate unless you are requested to do so. You as an applicant, you are required to make sure that you have do not have any outstanding debt with the Australian government.  If at all you have some debt, it is advisable to arrange how you are going to repay that debt.  You are required to be in Australia when your investor visa (subclass 891) application is lodged but the members included in the visa application form can be outside Australia.

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