The permanent employer sponsorship options are found in the Employer Nomination Scheme of Australia which is referred to subclass 186.  The Employer Nomination Scheme allows the employers to fill the highly skilled positions in Australia with non- Australian citizens.  The subclass 186 visa is a permanent visa meant for the skilled workers.  The subclass 186 allows one to work in Australia under the direct entry stream, the labor agreement stream and temporary residence transition stream. For you to be eligible for subclass 186 visa, you must be below 45 years of age, be nominated by the Australian employer who is well approved and must meet all the requirements in the streams of this visa.  In addition, you must meet the health requirements stated. You can be inside Australia or outside when applying for subclass 186 visa. If you are inside Australia, then you must have a substantive visa or the bridging visa. In the visa application, you can add your partner or child during the time of lodgment. The Australian employers are permitted by the Employer Nomination Scheme to recruit on the permanent basis the highly skilled employees from the overseas.  The nomination by employers and nominee’s application for a visa are the main stages of the Employer Nomination Scheme.  In the nomination by the employer, the employer is entitled to prove the genuineness of the paid employee from the overseas.  The nomination by the employer the factors like company training program, the financials, benefits and labor market testing should be considered.  The necessary information on the nomination by an employer is well highlighted by the Advantage Migration Australia Pty limited.  In the nominee’s visa application, the nominees must prove that he/ she has skills and qualifications for the mentioned place in the Australian company.  The Advantage Migration Australia Pty limited will make sure that all the conditions are adhered to.

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