Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) is a permanent visa. The visa starts the day it is granted and visa holders are required to comply with the Australian laws and visa conditions. Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) is a pointed stream for skilled workers who are neither sponsored by employer nor the family member. This pointe stream is also for people who are not nominated by State or Territory government. Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) allows you to live and work in Australia.  In applying for the skilled independent pointed stream you are required to give an expression of interest through SkillSelect and you should include the details of the nominated occupation, the skills, and qualifications.  The SkillSelect is used to estimate the point score and ranks you as the applicant against another intending immigrant.  The skilled independent visa (subclass 189) takes 9-12 months to be processed.  You must be invited to apply for a visa if there are places available for the nominated occupation.  Make sure that your occupation matches with the list of the eligible skilled occupations.  You are required to give skills assessment that shows your qualifications and skills in the nominated occupation. For you to be eligible, you must meet the points score on the invitation letter which is normally 60 and above. For you to be eligible for a skilled independent visa (subclass 189), you must be 45 years and below.  You must meet the health and character requirements.   Make sure that you do not have any outstanding debt that belongs to Australian government when applying for a skilled independent visa (subclass 189).  If you had a visa that was canceled or refused while you were in Australia, then you are not eligible for a skilled independent visa (subclass 189). In case more you are required to give more information, it is advisable to do so for your visa application to be eligible. You must prove you have competent English language.

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