The subclass 476 visa is referred to as skilled- recognized graduate visa.  Subclass 476 visa allows the graduates who have graduated in engineering course from a recognized university to gain the experience of the skilled work for 18 months.  The applicant must be 31 years of age, an applicant must complete the engineering course at a recognized institution and must have a primary visa of subclass 476 of subclass 485. The applicants must prove their English language ability and the applicant must meet health requirements. Health requirements depend on personal circumstances, citizenship and the time spent in another country.  Sometimes applicants are required to produce police certificates from the country they lived for more than 12 months. Subclass 476 visa takes about 84  days or 4 months to be processed.  Applicants are required to complete either bachelor’s degree, the doctoral degree, the postgraduate diploma or masters degrees two years before making an application for the subclass 476 visa.  Qualification can contain some specialization like civil engineering, mining engineering, chemical engineering and environmental engineering to mention but a few.  The subclass 476 visa allows the applicants and their family to stay in Australia for 18 months. While in Australia, an applicant is allowed to study, travel and work. When applying for subclass 476 visa you can either be in or outside Australia but you must be outside Australia when the visa is being decided.  The applicants are supposed to comply with the rules and regulations highlighted in the visa application.

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