Subclass 573 visa is a higher education sector visa. If you wish to study in Australia, then subclass 573 visa is the main route to the entry of Australian institutions.  Applicants are required to confirm the place first in the Australia University before making an application. Applicants may study the associates degree, diploma, certificate, master degree, higher diploma and bachelor’s degree.  The applicants must give a proof they are eligible for a course in Australia University. The applicants must have enough money to pay for the travel, tuition, and maintenance.   To be eligible for subclass 573, the applicant is required to have English proficiency requirements and must satisfy the officials that they are not going to overstay in Australia.  The applicant is required to meet the health requirements including that the applicant is required to have health insurance.  The applicant must not have any criminal record from any sources.  For students who are below 18 years, their visas must be signed by their parents or guardian, must have a statutory declaration  giving them permission to travel to Australia,  must stay with parent or other relative who is above 21 years while they are in Australia.   The applicants are allowed to stay in Australia until when the time of their study elapses.   The applicant can include partner, dependent children or relative in their visa application form.  The subclass 573 visa allows the applicant to work for 20 hours per week during study time and allows fulltime job during the holidays.  Family members included in the application form are allowed to work for 20 hours per week around the year.  For applicants who are below 15 years are not allowed to work during the study time.

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